Motorola motoG7 Campaign
Motorola motoG7 Campaign
An alternate box design emphasizing the Bigger, Longer, Better theme.
Motorola motoG7 Campaign

Motorola motoG7 Release Kit

with 23k Studios

Motorola wanted to build anticipation of their new motoG7 phone line with this exciting release kit targeted to the employees of mobile resellers. Packed with free stuff, the kit also includes a variety of focused “1-pagers” to further educate them on the key enhancements. The digital experience goes even further with a mobile app deep-dive on all of the specifics. A hot commodity desired by many.

A proprietary mobile app recognizes the paper disc and generates a virtual image of the phone as if it is magically emerging from the surface. A 3D interactive display outlines many of the new phone’s tech improvements and incentivizes Motorola resellers to learn more with an Amazon Gift Card.

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