As a source of creativity, you have come to the right place.

Watertable designs brands that tap the essense of your mission while developing unconventional ways to attract new business.

Find Your Edge

The edge represents the places of interaction. Where the level of water meets the river bank, the situations where customers meet products, or the concerned meet a cause. The edge is where things happen. Interactions form new realities. Connections inform new networks and people encounter change and diversity. It is here where customers are most receptive to unique messages and new ideas. An edge can be anywhere at any time. With the right combination of context and creativity, you can get people's attention and leave a lasting impression.

Tribal Marketing

What is the best way to find a plumber? Ask your trusted friends. Your tribe. You may not hunt buffalo together, but you do have a trusted network of friends or colleagues that provide you with the inside scoop. Social networks have helped us all tap into these resources and stay in touch, but how do you tap other networks that are so tightly guarded? You need to create value - real value that can be spread by word of mouth. If you are lucky, this will relate directly to your products and services, but like most people, you will have to work a little harder to break the ice.

  • Build brand trust among your peers – the organic groups that have affinity towards a particular lifestyle, brand, purpose, or cause.

  • Continue to add value to existing offerings. Never forget why your customers come to you in the first place.

  • Find charitable tie-ins or local communities that fit your demographics and find a way to support their causes in a genuine way.

  • Develop great offers. Everyone wants something for free. Give them an experience or something worth returning for in exchange for their attention.

  • Think parallel lifestyle interests and provide fascinating content that is relavant to your audience. (Fascinating is also relative. Stupid Things My Dad Says, dancing chickens, quotes from Monty Python, elevations of the highest mountain peaks in the world – the options are endless.)

  • Develop your own content. Shoot a video, do something crazy, promote a viral message – become irresistibly contagious.

Rejuvinate Your Base

Like the water beneath your feet, some of the best resources for new business lie in your existing client base. How can you service them better, improve the product they know and love so they spread the word, or tap into their own networks of friends and colleagues? The answers may not stop with marketing, but they should start there. It is easy to send emails or continually market to the choir, but customers tire quickly of the status quo. If you want to grow your captured market, you have to up the ante and provide new opportunities, options, and most of all, brand culture for them to spead to their friends.

Grow Local Communities

Within your customer pool, are there geographic regions that support your mission and provide a deeper and more sustainable network of customers that you can call your own? Can you support local efforts that will prove your commitment to their town, city, or region? Get involved with these communities early and provide a real commitment to a common goal. If nothing else, this community support helps foster brand trust, good will, and most of all, a more sustainable future for everyone.

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Local Communities

Here are just a few of the important local communities that we support in an effort to create a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Business Network - building a just, green, and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Media Arts Council - actively supports local artists and integrates a wide range of arts into the life of the entire community of Media, PA.

Media Business Authority - encourages economic growth, improves positive visual impact, and nurtures business development.

Transition Town Media - provides outreach and alternative opportunities for a sustainable tomorrow.

TimeBank Media - one-to-one, hour-for-hour exchange of valuable human resources.

Forks Farm - locally raised pastured meats and dairy.

Longview Farm CSA - community supported agriculture.