About Us

Watertable Creative is the cumulative design experience of Chris Dietrich – spanning 30 years of corporate and nonprofit work. “We,” meaning Chris and his many specialty vendors and design assistants, can build your brand from scratch or take your existing marketing approach to a whole new level. From strategy to implementation, we evoke the core essence of your organization so that you can readily access your own sources of inspiration and reflect that energy out into the world.


Problem Solving
We start by asking a lot of questions. Then we break apart your goals into tangible design objectives – often producing spectacular and long-lasting results. Good design is not about us, but about what is best for you and your organization. Many of our clients have no idea how they will accomplish their goals, keep everything on schedule, or what the final results should even look like. Sometimes, neither do we, but our commitment is to making you look good… on time, on budget, and on brand.

Our strengths lie in creating brands that convey the essence of your organization’s culture and intent. It doesn’t stop with your logo, but extends into everything you do. We can help you identify the heart of your company and develop that into a holistic brand that stands the test of time.

Type is at the core of our work as we explore the many ways that words and symbols help you communicate. From well placed punctuation to eye catching headlines or the minute details of an annual report, we excel at typographic organization, finesse and impact and often custom draft new fonts or symbols to suit the essence of our clients’ corporate or personal character.

Trained on industrial era printing presses and pre-production processes, Chris was part of the first generation of graphic designers to carry these industries into the digital era. He has 29 years of experience in production techniques from currency printing to global corporate mailings and pretty much anything in between. Our liaison with your printer can make the difference between success and failure.

UX Design
“We invented the internet!” Ok, maybe not, but Chris did design some of the world’s first corporate websites back in 1995 before CompuServe moved its major clients to independent hosting. Those early website were really ugly so they’re not in this portfolio, but he has been designing websites, mobile applications, and UI controls ever since.

Signage and Packaging
Often times your brand needs to be physically printed on stuff out in the real world, like a store front sign, a highway billboard, or emblazoned on a Chihuahua sweater. We have a world of knowledge on how to get your logo fabricated on the side of a skyscraper or pop out amongst a sea of products.

Currency Design
Chris’ latest project is hoping to change the way we look at money with a new regional benefit currency called Ithacash, started by Scott Morris in 2015. This initiative builds upon the legacy of Ithaca Hours, started by Paul Glover in 1991, where the goal is to help people meet their financial needs while improving everyone’s bottom line through intrinsically local finance and increased liquidity.

Drawing from the lessons learned from other local currencies coupled with his own extensive research into currency and financial document design, Chris is utilizing state-of-the-art security features and custom print techniques to create an internationally respected currency all while evoking the proud culture of a people during unique periods in its history.

Nonprofit and Local Organizing
Many of our clients are nonprofits – mostly because we enjoy working with people who are passionate about changing the world. We are really good at helping fledgling companies or organizations get a grip on their message, their execution, and their continued mission with a foundation-building brand presence.

Talk is cheap.

Actually, it’s free. Contact us today to see if your next project is right for Watertable Creative.

Whatever your needs, we can help you discover your unique inspiration and formulate campaigns and tactics to get you noticed…

On time.
On budget.
And on brand.

What we do well:

    • Branding
      Name and tagline creation
      Brand research
      Logo development
      Sub brands and product brands
      Color styling
      Brand cultures
      Brand registration/copyright
    • Print
      Stationery systems
      Corporate collateral
      – Brochures
      – Sell Sheets
      – Press Kits
      – Packaging
      – Menus
      – Surveys
      – much more…
      – Magazines
      – Newspapers
      – Point of Purchase
      Direct Mail
      – Postcards
      – Mailers
      – Box Kits
      – Custom Deliveries
      – Newsletters
      – Books
      – Magazines
      – Annual Reports
    • Digital
      – Corporate Sites
      – Shopping Carts
      – News Engines
      – Catalogs
      – Blogs
      – Custom Databases
      – Photo Galleries
      – Event Registration
      – Emails
      – Announcements
      – Invitations
      – Newsletters
      – Coupons
      Search Engine Optimization
      Social Network Integration
      – Facebook
      – LinkedIn
      – YouTube
      – Twitter and more…
    • Signage Systems
      Interior & Exterior
      Store Fronts
      Vehicle Wraps

Meet the “Team”

  • Chris Dietrich
    Chris Dietrich OWNER / ART DIRECTOR